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Nim Chimpsky, Vermont, and so on

This is probably going to be my last post for a couple of months — not like that’s an unusual pace for me, but I have a reason this time.  In just a few days I’m going to Costa Rica for two months to write a book that may or may not be set in the 18th century and may involve pirates.  Old-timey ones, with eyepatches, parrots, etc.  Meantime, I’m waiting out this hurricane in New York that I’m 90% sure is going to turn out to be all newsroom bluster; sort of a Y2K for the weather.

I had an amazing time at the Bread Loaf Writing Conference in Vermont earlier this month.  I met a lot of great friends, and heard a lot of great literature being read.  Also, I wrote an article about the recent documentary film Project Nim for Dissent Magazine.

And there’s more.  Two friends of mine have books coming out nowish: Stuart Nadler’s fantastic collection of stories, The Book of Life

and Justin Torres’ We the Animals.

Buy these books!  Read them!



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