Great Male Novelists

Flavorpill included my book in a list of “The Best Literary Sex Scenes Not Penned by a Great Male Novelist.” I’m deeply honored!  Though of course my presence on the list must imply I’m either not “Great” or not “Male,” and last I checked my plumbing was of the external type.  I’d be fine with Pretty Good Male Novelist.  Though she also has Milan Kundera on the list, and if he’s not a Great Male Novelist I don’t know who is.



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2 responses to “Great Male Novelists

  1. Mark Haber

    Hello Bejamin,
    I’m only 80 pages into ‘Bruno Littlemore’ but I’m enjoying it immensely. You are a hugely talented writer, obvious from the first page (nay, the first line!), and wanted to drop a few words to say what a fantastic read! I’ve spent the last two or three years immersed in Latin-American fiction, and yours is one of the first North American books I’ve picked up in a while. I’m glad I did. You have a poet’s command of language and the natural gift of storytelling. As with all great books, there’s a generousness of spirit, a humanity and humor; with each page I feel a sort of gratitude as with any fine work of literature. Thank you!

  2. Mark Haber

    I realize I didn’t really ‘respond’ to the subject of your post. Yes, judging from the jacket photo I’d say you’re a male novelist. But hey, Kundera is good company. No harm, no foul.

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