Bathroom Verse

Today I read, again in Roy Blount Jr.’s Alphabet Juice (I highly recommend), this entry in the H section of his encyclopedia of interesting miscellany:

Here I Sit, All Broken-Hearted: A Treasury of Bathroom Verse, all I have so far

The title.

Which made me think of the best bathroom graffiti I’ve ever seen.  I recalled two favorites.  One was a response graffito.  (Singular of graffiti, duh.)  In one of the bathrooms in the building known as “the Pub” at Sarah Lawrence College — sort of a student union place with a buffet, couches, pool table, etc. — someone had unimaginatively scrawled out, “I fucked your mom!”  Beneath that, in a steadier hand, someone had written, “Go home, Dad, you’re drunk.”

That’s my second-favorite graffito of all time.  My first favorite I read in the bathroom of the public library in Iowa City, Iowa.  I’m sure you’re familiar with those “Koala Kare” baby changing stations.  Koala Kare is, I guess, sort of like the Microsoft of the public restroom baby-changing station industry.  They look like this: But this particular one said on it:

Koala Kare

Changing Station

Some anonymous genius had written on it, “Change baby into koala here.”


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