On Apes and Monkeys

Sorry for the infrequency of my posting.  I’ll probably start posting stuff more often as the Bruno’s publication date closes in.  Anyway, there was a fresh flurry of Bruno Littlemore news following BEA.  My personal favorite headline that popped up in regards to (my editor) Cary Goldstein’s Buzz Panel interrogation last Tuesday was “Seriously, did anybody think they’d get copy above the monkey-on-girl sex book?” Apparently (I was only at BEA on Wednesday) much was made of what the moderator, John Freeman, described as “a three-page sex scene between a talking monkey and a woman.”  To which Cary replied, “It’s not bestiality, it’s love.”  That line seems to have stuck.  Very clever.  But my main complaint about Freeman’s statement is that Bruno is not a “monkey,” he’s an ape.  Please, get it right: monkeys have tails, apes don’t have tails.  If you’re a large primate without a tail—like, say, a human being or a chimpanzee—then you’re a fucking ape.



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4 responses to “On Apes and Monkeys

  1. So really, it’s more like an ape fucking an ape?

  2. john benjamin

    Not to be a primatological nitpicker, but there is at least one tailless Old World monkey, the Barbary macaque, whose tail has been evolutionarily truncated into a mere vestigial stub.

    P.S. nice website

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